Friday, November 5th
Focus on Brainreading and Mindreading
13.30-13.45 Coffee reception
13.45-14.00 Welcome
14.00-15.05 John-Dylan Haynes, Charité Berlin
Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Berlin
“Brainreading”: Technology, Applications and Ethics
15.05-15.10 short break
15.10-16.15 Andrea Kübler,
Universität Würzburg
Brainreading for the detection of consciousness and communication in locked-in patients
16.15-16.45 coffee break
16.45-17.45 Katja Valli,
University of Turku (Finland)
Brainreading and the Dreaming Brain
17.45-17.50 short break
17.50-18.50 Leon de Bruin,
Universität Bochum
Mindreading, Brainreading and Cross-cultural Complexity
ca. 19.20 dinner
Saturday November 6th
Focus on Mindreading and Neuroethics
9.00-10.00 Martin Brüne,
Universität Bochum
Neuronal correlates of empathy and mindreading: insights from schizophrenia
10.00-11.00 Kai Vogeley,
Universität Köln
Basic Criteria for Neuroethics
11.00-11.45 coffee and breakfast break
11.45-12.45 Albert Newen,
Universität Bochum
Self-Determination and Neuroenhancements: Are there reasonable constraints for neural interventions that I wish?
12.45-13.45 Sabine Müller,
Charitè Berlin
Ethical and legal issues of neuroimaging-based lie detection
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