When will the interviews take place?

We will inform you as soon as possible.

Where will the interviews take place?

All interviews will be done via Skype.

Do I have to come to Bochum for the interview?

No. All interviews will be done via Skype.

I am still doing my Master's. Can I still apply?

Yes, you only have to send in a certificate confirming that your MA-thesis is submitted. See CALL/Jobs

I already have a PhD. Can I still apply?

It depends. If you, for example, already have a PhD in philosophy, you cannot apply for a theoretical/philosophical project (but you can still apply for an empirical project).

I want to know more about my potential supervisor. How can I get into contact?

The skype interviews (see above) provide an opportunity to get to know your potential supervisor (and the other PIs), and you can ask questions regarding supervision etc. You can also check the respective website, or contact the secretary of the respective PI.

In case I want to submit my own project proposal - how long should that be?

Min. 1 page; max. 2 pages

Details about the position

In case I get the PhD-position, can I chose whether I want to do my research in Bochum or Osnabrück?

No. Whether you will be located in Bochum or Osnabrück depends on where your first supervisor is located.

Will I be mostly at one location, or will I work at RUB and University of Osnabrück?

Your main research-location will be the home university of your first supervisor. However, there will be at least monthly meetings, or workshops at one of the two locations, where attendance will be obligatory for all PhD-students.

For Non-EU applicants

In case you are accepted for one of the 12 PhD-positions, you will receive any documents you need to get a visa by early March.