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New theory for analysing interacting nuclear spins in solvents

The RUB’s excellence cluster RESOLV has achieved successful results only a few months after its inception: by applying nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, an international team comprised of researchers from the RUB and from the University of Vienna has solved a long-standing theoretical problem regarding the identification of solvent structures. Their model postulates that the coupling of nuclear spins in different molecules is determined by the frequency of the applied electromagnetic radiation. RESOLV strongly focuses on gaining an understanding of the solvents’ molecular characteristics. This topic is featured in the cover story of the renowned journal “Angewandte Chemie”.

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Perspective : How ionic liquids can help to stabilize native proteins

H. Weingärtner, C. Cabrele, C. Herrmann

The paper discusses how the unusual properties of ionic liquids can be used to steer processes in protein chemistry.

PCCP 2(14),415-426 (2012)

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