K. Merz, M. Moreno, E. Löffler, L. Khodeir, A. Rittermeier, K. Fink, K. Kotsis, M. Muhler, M. Driess

Lithium-promoted hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to formates by heterobimetallic hydridozinc aloxide clusters
Chem. Commun. (2008) 73.


The remarkably distinct reactivity of hydridozinc heterobimetallic cubanes [(HZnOtBu)4-n(thf·LiOtBu)n] 1a-1d towards CO2 is reported. The hydride transfer from Zn-H to CO2 is drastically accelerated in the presence of Li ions in 1b-1d which lead to the respective metal formate hydrates. The systems are inspiring models for the selective conversion of watergas into formates on lithium-promoted ZnO supports.