N. v. Prondzinski, K. Merz

Hydrated Zinc p-aminobenzoate [Zn(p-H2NC6H4COO)2(H2O)]H2O
from  a Layered Zinc Hydroxide
Z. Anorg.
Allg. Chem. 634 (2008) 555.



A new pillard crystal packing of a hydrated [Zn(PABA)2(H2O)]H2O (PABA = p-aminobenzoate) 1 was obtained starting from a Layered Zinc Hydroxide with PABA as intercalated organic substrate. Compound 1 was characterized in the solid state by crystal structure analysis and in solution by 13C- and 1H-NMR spectroscopy. In contrast to the known hydrate of Zn(PABA)2 the water molecules of  crystal packing of 1 are involved in the coordination sphere of the metal centers, forming hydrogen bonding interactions between amino groups of PABA and water molecules.