Loading of MOF- 5 with Cu and ZnO Nanoparticles by Gas-Phase Infiltration with Organometallic Precursors: Properties of  Cu / ZnO @ MOF - 5 as Catalyst for Methanol Synthesis.   

M. Mueller, S. Hermes, K. Kähler, M. W. E. van den Berg, M. Muhler, Martin; R. A. Fischer

Chem. Mater.  (2008), 20(14), 4576-4587


Nanocomposite materials Cu@MOF-5 and ZnO@MOF-5 (MOF-5 = [Zn4O(bdc)3]; bdc = 1,4-benzenedicarboxylate) were derived by loading MOF-5 with [CpCuL] (L = PMe3, CNtBu) and ZnEt2 followed by thermal treatment under various conditions. Doubly loaded Cu/ZnO@MOF-5 showed remarkably high initial activity as catalyst in methanol synthesis before the MOF-5 matrix collapsed.