The next workshop of the GK will be held August 10th in the Park Inn hotel in the center of Bochum. The workshop we will incorporate presentation on the PhD project for new fellows and the presentation of advances by posters for fellows already full member. In order to reward the best presentation and poster we will award respective prices.


From September 21st to September 24th we are going to hold the next practical course on vibrational spectroscopy. The course will introduce UHV techniques like HREELS and vacuum IR spectroscopy as well as IR (DRIFTS) and Raman spectroscopy on powder catalysts at ambient pressure. We'll have the usual mix of an theoretical introduction and practical experiments in small groups. Please contact me within the next 3 weeks if you like to participate.


A second announcement concerns a special form of course in theoretical chemistry. We learned that a deeper theoretical introduction is needed for making the practical course more beneficial for participants from other disciplines. In turn, we offer an upgraded participation to the winter term lecture "theoretical chemistry I" as first basic course in the GK. The practical element is achieved by active participation to exercises. This basic course being now offered every winter term will serve then as basis for the participation to the two remaining courses (once molecular dynamics methods, once DFT-like methods). The overall effort is kept the same and we expect to achieve a more efficient introduction to calculation methods in this way. If you're interested to participate in the basic course, please contact me as well.