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AG Photobiotechnology 2017 

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Mechanism clarified

How enzymes produce hydrogen Pressemitteilung



Evolution of a bacterial enzyme in green algae

Green algae produce hydrogen, a potential energy source of tomorrow. But how did they acquire the enzymes for that purpose? Pressemitteilung



This is how green algae assemble their enzymes

For almost a decade, researchers from Bochum have been developing biotechnological methods for hydrogen production. Green algae might be the key. press release



Synthesis of hydrogen

When enzymes assemble themselves in the test tube. press release



Domesticating photosynthesis - 1.2 million euros for new EU project “Sun2Chem”

Semi-artificial chloroplasts to manufacture biotechnologically relevant products press release



A more efficient hydrogen production

Researchers from the RUB and the MPI Mülheim redirect electrons to hydrogen evolution press release (german)



Algae in Zero-Gravity - RUB-Researchers check a bioreactor for space travel on the parabolic flight

Researchers from the RUB, Bremen University and the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe work on „ModuLES - modular life support and energy system“ press release (german)




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