studia formosiana

Studia formosiana is the only academic series in Europe exclusively devoted to Taiwan’s culture. The number of issues is kept small to about one issue per year in order to ensure and maintain a high standard of academic quality. All titles are published by the German academic publisher Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden, Germany.

Editors-in-chief: Prof Henning Klöter (since 2003) | Dr Christina Neder (2001–2003)

  • Christina Neder and Ines Susanne Schilling (eds.) (2003):
    Transformation! Innovation? Perspectives on Taiwan Culture (studia formosiana; 1)
  • Henning Klöter (2005):
    Written Taiwanese (studia formosiana; 2)
  • Lloyd Haft (2006):
    Zhou Mengdie's Poetry of Consciousness (studia formosiana; 3)
  • Dafydd Fell, Henning Klöter and Bi-yu Chang (eds.) (2006):
    What has changed? Taiwan Before and After the Change in Ruling Parties (studia formosiana; 4)
  • Carsten Storm and Mark Harrison (eds.) (2007):
    The Margins of Becoming: Identity and Culture in Taiwan (studia formosiana; 5)
  • Ann Heylen and Scott Sommers (eds.) (2010):
    Becoming Taiwan: From Colonialism to Democracy (studia formosiana; 6)
  • Ann Heylen (2012):
    Japanese Models, Chinese Culture and the Dilemma of Taiwanese Language Reform (studia formosiana; 7)
  • Bi-yu Chang and Henning Klöter (eds.) (2012):
    Imaging and Imagining Taiwan: Identity representation and cultural politics (studia formosiana; 8)

Taiwan Papers

The Research Unit offers the opportunity to publish papers on Taiwanese culture and literature online. New contributions are wel­come. If you are interested please send your proposal to All rights remain with the authors.

The following articles are accessible:

Taiwan Research Bibliographies

Some comprehensive annotated bibliographies of Chinese and Western sources on Taiwanese culture, literature and languages have been assembled:

Earlier series

The following title has been published in cooperation with the Research Unit as part of the edition cathay series of the Department of Chinese Languages and Literatures:

  • Maja Buchler: Sprachplanung im Schafspelz?! Robert Cheng und die Verschriftlichung des Taiwanesischen [Language Planning in Disguise?! Robert Cheng and the writing of Taiwanese] (Bochum: projekt verlag, 2002)

As a publication platform for Taiwan-related topics, a special "Taiwan Studies Series" for project publications was set up as a subseries of cathay skripten:

  • Christiane Hammer. Reif für die Insel. Ein Streifzug durch die taiwanesische Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung. Mit einer Auswahlbibliographie [Ready to hit the island: A tour through Taiwanese literature in German translation. With a selected bibliography] (1999; cathay skripten; 14)
  • Jens Damm. Ku'er vs. tongzhi – Diskurse der Homosexualität oder das Entstehen sexueller Identitäten im globalisierten Taiwan und im postkolonialen Hongkong [Ku'er vs. tongzhi: Discourses of homosexuality or the development of sexual identities in globalized Taiwan and in post-colonial Hong Kong] (2000; cathay skripten; 16)
  • Michael Rudolph. 'Ethnic Power' oder 'gegenhegemoniale pres­by­te­ri­a­ni­sche Aboriginalität'? Der Einfluß der Pres­by­te­ri­a­ni­schen Kirche Taiwans (PCT) auf die Ethnizitätsbildung taiwanesischer Ureinwohner ['Ethnic Power' or 'anti-hegemonial presbyterian aboriginality'? The influence of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan (PCT) on the ethnicity formation of Taiwanese original inhabitants] (2000; cathay skripten; 17)
  • Jeremy Taylor. Taiwan (2001; cathay skripten; 18)

The Richard Wilhelm Translation Centre at Ruhr-Universität Bochum has worked closely with our project and established a sub-series "Moderne taiwanesische Literatur" (Modern Taiwanese Literature) within the translation series arcus chinatexte:

  • Huang Chunming: Sayonara – Auf Wiedersehen: Erzählungen aus Taiwan [Sayonara – Goodbye: Stories from Taiwan]. Trans. Wolf Baus, Charlotte Dunsing and Barbara Kauderer (Bochum: projekt verlag, 1999) [arcus chinatexte; 16]
  • Tienchi Martin-Liao and Ricarda Daberkow (eds.): Phönixbaum. Moderne taiwanesische Lyrik [Phoenix Tree: Poetry from Taiwan] (Bochum: projekt verlag, 2000) [arcus chinatexte; 19].