Annual Conference

The DVCS held their 24th annual conference on 27 and 28 October 2017 at the University of Vienna, on the topic "Erinnern und Erinnerung, Gedächtnis und Gedenken: Über den Umgang mit Vergangenem in der chinesischen Kultur" [Remembering and Remembrance, Memory and Commemoration: On Dealing with the Past in Chinese Culture] (see Conference Website).

Confirmation of payment for tax authorities

We will not send a confirmation of payment of the membership fee since it is too low to warrant the expense. However, a confirmation of payment (pdf) can be downloaded here. In combination with a bank statement or deposit receipt this will normally be accepted by tax authorities.

New address or bank details?

All members are asked to report changes in their postal address or bank details to the Trea­sur­er, Dr Rüdiger Breuer. Every year we have to pay charges for debit transactions on closed accounts.

DVCS bank details

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