31st NRW Topology Meeting


+++   Bochum (GERMANY)   +++   Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11, 2019   +++


Pascal Lambrechts (UC Louvain)

Cosimplicial models for Goodwillie-Weiss manifold calculus

Goodwillie-Weiss manifold calculus is a tool which gives excellent approximations to some topological constructions on manifolds. It has been used for example to obtain many informations on the homotopy type of the space of smooth embeddings of a manifold M into a manifold W, Emb(M,W). In this talk I will recall the key principles behind Goodwillie-Weiss manifold calculus and I will explain a new tool to compute this Goodwillie-Weiss approximations of the form of an explicit cosimplicial space built out of a simplicial model of the manifold. This is a joint work with Pedro Boavida, Daniel Pryor, and Arnaud Songhafouo.

Organizers: Gerd Laures, Viktoriya Ozornova and Björn Schuster