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Welcome to the Junior Research Group Microbial Biotechnology

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Welcome to the Junior Research Group Microbial Biotechnology


05.09.2016: Our paper on enzymatic encapsulation was accepted by Angewandte Chmie. Congratulations, Álvaro and Dennis!

04.03.2016: Our paper on cyanobacterial biotransformations was accepted by the Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations, Katharina!

K. Köninger, A. Gomez-Baraibar, C. Mügge, C. Paul., F. Hollmann, M. Nowaczyk and R. Kourist, Recombinant cyanobacteria as tools for asymmetric C=C bond reduction fueled by biocatalytic water oxidation (2016) Ang. Chem., Int. Ed.: DOI: 10.1002/anie.201601200/full


22.01.2016: Congratulations for Sarah for successfully passing her PhD defense!!

01.12.2015 Congratulations to Robert! He has been accepted to the Junge Kolleg of the NRW Academy of Sciences.

27.10.2015 The Junior Research group hosted the 1st Biocascades Workshop on Enzyme Cascades. More information about the Workshop here.

01.10.2015 Welcome to Stefanie Böhmer and Julia Stockmann, our new Master students!

19.07.2015 Biological Synthesis Engine: Light Refined Renewable Resources. Listen all about it during Jun.-Prof. Robert Kourist's interview with Deutschlandfunkradio.

1.07.2015 A big welcome to our new colleagues: Carolin, Raquel and Svenja!

1.04.2015 The NRW Ministry of Science and Research awarded Jun.-Prof. Robert Kourist a new research group, ChemBioCat. More news here: RUB News and NRW Ministry of Science news page

01.04.2015 Welcome to our new colleagues, Samiro Bojarra, Maik Bartsch and Nicole Schmelzer! :)

16.02.2015 A New Class of Enzymes Discovered: Non-heme Oxidase Pro-duces Medium-chain 1-Alkenes, Ang.Chem.,Int. Ed. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201500466





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