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SoSe 2016


190515 Enzyme Catalysis
2h, Monday 12.-13.30 pm ND7/133
For advanced students of biology and biochemistry. The lecture introduces to the basic concepts of enzyme catalysis and discusses the most important technical applications.
Credits 3


190 306 Molecular Microbiology
2h, Tuesday 11.00 - 12.30 pm NDEF06/780
For S-Module students of the junior research group and all interested students. The lecture depends concepts of the microbial metabolism and physiology.
Credits: 2

WS 2015/16


190 529 Enzyme optimization
Mo, 12.00 - 01.30 pm
For all interested students. The lecture introduces to the synthetic application of biocatalysts and to methods of their optimization, including by rational protein design and directed evolution.


190 334 Enzyme optimization

For advanced learners after consultation with the relevant professor. Independent research projects deal with the production and mechanistic characterization of biocatalysts.

Advanced Modules Biochemistry

2-week laboratory course for students from biochemistry.

A-Module (2nd third of semester)

Microbiology and Biotechnology
190 060 (Lecture), 190 061 (Laboratory course), 190 062 (Seminar)

The Junior Research Group Microbial Biotechnology supervises one week of the four-week-labcourse.


Tests in biotechnology and biochemistry. In preparation for the examination, attendance to the lecture, "Molecular Microbiology" during the summer semester is highly recommended.