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Publikationen Dr. Marie-Christin Fellner

Paul, M., Fellner, M-C, Waldhauser, G.T., Minda, J.P., Axmacher, N., Suchan, B., Wolf, O.  (in press).
Stress elevates frontal midline theta in feedback-based category learning of exceptions.
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.


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Spatial mnemonic encoding: Theta power decreases and medial temporal lobe BOLD increases co-occur during the usage of the Method of Loci.
eNeuro. 0184-16.2016.

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Spurious correlations in simultaneous EEG-fMRI driven by in-scanner movement.
NeuroImage, 113, 354-366.

Hanslmayr, S., Matuschek, J., Fellner, M.-C. (2014)
Entrainment of prefrontal beta oscillations induces an endogenous echo and impairs memory formation.
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Brain oscillatory subsequent memory effects differ in power and long-range synchronization between semantic and survival processing.
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Hanslmayr, S., Staudigl, T., Fellner, M.-C. (2012)
Oscillatory power decreases and long-term memory: The information via desynchronization hypothesis.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,6:74.

Book Chapter
Fellner, M-C, Hanslmayr, S (2017).
Brain Oscillations, Semantic Processing, and Episodic Memory
In: Mody, M. Neural Mechanisms of Language. Springer