PhD theses


Sabrine Schenk (angoing)
Neurokognitive Mechanismen des kategorialen Lernens

Jenny Kathina Krüger (2017)
Kognitive Funktionen in der Luftsicherheit

Tobias Schmidt (2017)
Soziale Kognitionen und Bedeutung distinkte Empathiekomponenten bei
Alkoholabhängigkeit: Beeinträchtigungsmechanismen und funktionelle Erholung

Oksana Ze (2016)
Empathiefähigkeit bei erwachsenen Kindern Alkoholkranker

Robert Lech (2014)
The influence of sensory experience on cortical representations of manipulable objects

Naima Rüther (2014)
The Influence of Sensory Experience on Cortical Representations of Manipulable Objects

Stefan Kobza (2013)
Neural and behavioral correlates of monitoring own and observed performance - differences and similarities

Martina Rustemeier (2013)
On the relationship between learning strategy and feedback processing
in the weather prediction task– Evidence from event-related potentials

Jutta Peterburs (2012)
Die Rolle von Thalamus und Zerebellum bei der Verarbeitung sakkaden-
bezogener Efferenzkopiesignale

Giulio Pergola (2012)
Involvement of the human thalamus in higher cognitive functions


Julia Weiler (ongoing)
Mental Time Travel -
Differences between Episodic Memory and Eposodic Future Thinking

Soria Bauser, Denise (2009)
Neuropsychological mechanisms of face and body perception.

Soei, Eleonore (2008)
The role of the thalamus in episodic recognition memory.

Peters, Jan (2008)
Contributions of medial temporal lobe structures to long-term memory in humans.

Nebel, Katrin (2008)
Functional neuroanatomical basi of higher attentional finctions.

Ben Slima (2007)
Differential neurocognitive deficts in obsessive-compulsive disorder in relative clinical manifestation in comparsion schizophrenic patients and healthy controls.

Thoma, Patrizia (2007)
Impairmants of executive functions in schizophrenia spezcifity and determinats. Wilimzig (2006)
Dynamic field theory of cognitive information processing.

Treitz, Friederike (2005)
Changes of executive functions in normal aging: Course and predicters.

Bellebaum, Christian (2005)
The role of the thalamus and the posterior parietal cortex in the processing of efference copy signal in humans.

Jokisch, Daniel (2005)
The neuropsychological basis of perception of biological motion.

H. Wiese (2005).
Preparation and execution of self-initiated movements: Neuroanatomical basis, alteration and reorganization after traumatic contusion of the prefrontal cortex .

B. Quednow (2004).
Neurobiological basis of cognitive dysfunction in MDMA user.

A. Schröder (2004).
Experimental investigation of the efficiacy of visual exploration therapy and afferent modulation in visual neglect.

Schulz, Adelheid (2002).
False memories in alcoholism and Korsakoff syndrome.

Uekermann, Jennifer (2002).
Cognitive deficits in alcoholism and depression.

Naumann, Angela (2002).
Neuropsychological deficits in narcolepsy .

J. Salloum (2001).
Behavioral modification of fMRI signal in studies of emotion.

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