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Unit 4: Cultural Psychology and Anthropological Knowledge

Prof. Dr. Estrid Sørensen

"He who responds to a 'you' spoken by a non-human accepts the condition
of being its 'second person', and when assuming in his turn the position of 'I',
does so already as a non-human".

Viveiros de Castro 1998: 483

The research group combines science and technology studies and cultural psychology. In contemporary society knowledge and technology are in continuous production and circulation. Shaped in this condition human life is a product of the specific local embeddednes of knowledge and technology. At the same time, knowledge and technology contribute to the extension of localities beyond places and interactions. Separate practices become mutually entangled when knowledges and technologies travel and when they transform while moving.

  • How is life in such a complexity of technoscientific becoming, as intermedium in flows of knowledge and technologies? How do knowledges and technology circulate across practices, and how do they transform? How are practices connected, and how are they separated and bounded?

From the point of view of practice theory and with micro-analytical methods for investigating practice the research group poses these questions. By answering them the group seeks to contribute to an understanding of how it is to be human.