Overview of training program:

The network-wide training will start with a kickoff/orientation-meeting. Within the three year training the student will visit three ITN training stations (lab-rotations) of 4-weeks duration, which will be chosen by the student with respect to personal interest, trans-nationality as well as intersectorial education. The latter is ensured by 3 industry partners who are fully integrated at the highest possible level.

Throughout the 3-year curriculum there will be lectures offered dedicated to the overall topic of cellular signalling, membrane biology, membrane physics, biophysics, protein biochemistry, computational science, which is provided by local training programs. These local lectures are complemented by lectures of network partners on cross-networking visits of the fellows as well as by lecture series in an ITN summer school. Complementary skills are offered specifically in scientific writing, scientific presentation, bioethics, philosophy and professional communication. Furthermore, language courses in English and the native language of the host country are offered. Industrial internships are also integrated into the TRANSPOL training program.  In order to promote dissemination of results into the European research area, a summer school is planned and organized by the fellows themselves, taking place in the third year. A highly visible international meeting will be organized as a final. In this final meeting ITN fellows will present their ITN Research results alongside with internationally recognized scientists, thereby disseminating the results of TRANSPOL to the European and global research area. The training concludes with a doctoral examination under the auspices of an external international examiner.