Reference Code
Name of the Fellow
Host Institution
Description of the Project
Scientist in Charge
WP.1.1.ESR1 Haifei Gao Institute Curie – Section Recherche
Mechanisms, functions, and exploitation of novel entry pathways into cells Ludger Johannes
WP.1.2.ER Nanaocha Sharma Weizmann Institute of Science
Differential signalling of type I interferons through a common set of receptors Gideon Schreiber
WP.1.3.ESR2 Sandra Lemos Ruhr-University of Bochum
Stoichiometry and regulation of AMPA receptor-TARP complex formation in receptor trafficking and ion channel function Michael Hollmann
WP.2.1.ESR3 Valentina Galli University of Geneva
Dynamical study of shape and force generation by clathrin coats onto lipid membranes Aurélien Roux
WP.2.2.ESR4 Weria Pezeshkian University of Southern Denmark
Modelling protein-induced membrane curvature and endocytosis using coarse-grained simulations John Hjort Ipsen
WP.2.3.ESR5 Gilbert Sai Ho NG Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
Impact of lipid mechanics and lateral organization on membrane deformation and trafficking Pietro Cicuta
WP.2.4.ESR6 Sergii Shydlovskyi Ruhr-University of Bochum
Molecular mechanism of membrane shaping by human Guanylate Binding Protein 1 (hGBP1) Christian Herrmann
WP.3.1.ESR7 Daniela Chmiest Institute Curie – Section Recherche
Role of membrane trafficking in the JAK/STAT signalling pathway activated by Interferons Christophe Lamaze
WP.3.2.ESR8 Fangyan Yu Ruhr-University of Bochum
The role of the protein tyrosine phosphatase PTP-BL in polarized protein trafficking and Interferon signalling Kai Erdmann
WP.3.3.ESR9 Sam Dinesh Stephen International Institute of Molecular
and Cell Biology
The mechanisms of endosome-to-nucleus trafficking and its impact on transcriptional regulation Marta Miaczynska
WP.3.4.ESR10 Eugenia Cammarota JPK Instruments Ltd.
United Kingdom
Testing and application of models to characterise cell adhesion, mechanics and signalling processes using atomic force microscopy Alex Winkel
WP.4.2.ESR12 Panagiotis Athanasopoulos Ruhr-University of Bochum
The roles of Ras/NO in neuronal polarity and protection: Relevance for Parkinson’s disease associated LRRK2 signalling Rolf Heumann
WP.4.3.ESR13 Chii Jou Chan Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
The impact of intracellular signalling on the mechanical properties of cells measured with atomic force microscopy and optical stretcher-implications for metastasis and invasion Jochen Guck
WP.4.4.ESR14 Shariful Islam Silantes GmbH
Application/improvement of an in vivo quantification of differentially expressed proteins SILAC (stable isotope labelling of amino acids in cell cultures)-technique Herrmann Heumann