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Ispra — Quality Assessment and Novel Statistical Analysis Toxicologic

In vitro test systems yield concentration-response data that are used to summarise toxicity by means of estimated effect concentrations, typically EC50/IC50 values. Commonly the derivation of such estimates is based on models assuming a parametric model for the concentration-response relationship, imposing assumptions on the form of the concentration-response curve that are often not satisfied.
The solution presented in this tender is to consider models that are linear combinations of a parametric model and a non-parametric model. The resulting semi-parametric model is robust to deviations from the parametric model and it yields improved precision on estimated ECxx/ICxx values. This semi-parametric model is implemented using already available open source software specifically designed for concentration-response modelling. Non-parametric methods are also implemented for calculation of ECxx/ICxx, allowing comparison of the proposed semi-parametric model to both non-parametric and parametric alternatives. The software provided will be equipped with a user-friendly graphical user interface.