Dr. Henk J. BolinkHenk Bolink


Research Interest:


Inorganic/organic hybrid materials and mixed electronic/ionic charge transporting and light-emitting materials and their integration in opto-electronic devices.



Contact information:


Dr. Henk J. Bolink
Room 2.2.2

Phone: +34-(0)963544416

E-Mail: henk.bolink(a)uv.es



Henk Bolink obtained his PhD in Materials Science at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands in 1997. He worked at DSM Research as a materials scientist and project manager in the central research and new business development department, respectively. In 2001 he joined Philips, to lead the materials development activity of Philips´s PolyLED project. Since 2003 he is at the University of Valencia. He has been involved in 8 framework program projects financed by the European Union, of which the following are currently active under FP7: HySENS, ORION, TREASORES and LUMINET.



  • Prize for Research and Development by the University of Valencia. 2011.


Dr. Bolink published 116 peer reviewed papers, the most recent/relevant are shown below:

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  • Dr Bolink is named inventor on 8 patents.