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New Webpage of Chair!

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Guest Lecture

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Run for Stipends, a huge success!

If you want to know more about it, see the following documents.

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Job offers!

If you are interested in participating in the scientific study "Justice is a Lady. Women in Church Legal Practice" please follow the link below.

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Run for Stipends: „There's no way to far for us to support our students.“

This year again the Faculty of Catholic Theology engages in literally actively raising stipends for Theology students. We will again arrange the Run for Stipends: „There's no way to far for us to support our students.“ The large number of Faculty staff members who joined the run last year shows that we are on the right way and that taking the trouble (and the pain) is worth it.
5 or 21 kilometers - the sponsors decide, how much effort they want to see for their contribution. Every donation is a good start. We welcome every contribution.

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Download a print version of the new Code of Canon Law norms

Download a print version of the new norms that were changed by the Motu Proprio "Omnium in mentem", Oct 2009. Simply print it and stick it into the latin-german copy of your Code of Canon Law.

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Project "Canon Law and its Reception in the Media": New Commentary

Being fired for joking about the pope? Commentary on the Decision of the Baden-Württemberg Social Court, Oct 21st 2011 (Judith Hahn)

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Data base "Canon Law"

The Data base "Canon Law" is now open to the public for Canon Law sources and literature search.

The sources of information are collected by the Institute of Canon Law Staff of Westfälische Wilhelms Universitity Münster in cooperation with other German Canon Law Chairs and Church Institutions.

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Task Force "Church Contemporary History"

This term again: 1 hour - 1 topic - 1 expert!

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"De processibus matrimonialibus"

Study trip to Canon Law Expert Conference „De processibus matrimonialibus“ with Seminar, Nov. 17th-18th 2011 in Eichstätt // Pre-departure Meeting Oct. 26th 2011, 5-6 p.m.

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Gender diversity in the Church?

Symposium of AGENDA Regionalgruppe Münster
Oct. 11th 2011, 6-8 pm

Faculty of Catholic Theology
Westfälische Wilhelms University Münster
Johannisstr. 8-10
48143 Münster
Seminar room: KTh 1

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Project "Canon Law and its Reception in the Media": New Article

Documenting the explorative approach to Canon Law in the Media (Judith Hahn)

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Comments on Canon Law topics in everyday media coverage

"Are Canon Law topics relevant in everyday media coverage?" This is the main focus of our study "Canon Law and its Reception in the Media". Aspects of Canon Law - sometimes well hidden - can be found in the news about the Church and Church politics. Besides our study, in which we search for Canon Law topics in selected television news programmes covering the period 2010, we commment on actual media coverage that relates to Canon Law. You can find the comments on our project website. Canon Lawyers and people interested in that field are welcome to hand in comments on newsworthy media events with regard to Canon Law to be placed on our website.

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"Canon Law and its Reception in the Media" – new webpage

To provide everybody interested in our study "Canon Law and its Reception in the Media" with more information our project webpage is now online. There you get information about the staff, our field of research, and the study's progress.

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"De processibus matrimonialibus"

Nov. 17th-19th 2010 // Seminar "De processibus matrimonialibus" (DPM) in Munich

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