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Check out a student's life

Primary school pupils, teenagers in secondary school, and sixth form students about to take their A-levels – they are all invited to take part in the activities offered by Ruhr-Universität Bochum to children of all ages in order to learn about the university and its degree programmes.

A-levels – and then what?

Offers for aspiring studentsProspective students have the choice among 180 degree programmes offered at RUB to pick a course that suits them best. The Student Advice Centre is ready at hand to provide assistance to aspiring students who start looking around; interested parties get a first insight into study options at the RUB website.

In touch with academia

Offers for teachersWhat has been happening in the field of IT security? What does the current biology curriculum for students pursuing a teaching degree look like? How can lab visits be integrated into school routine? Exchange between academia and teachers is promoted and fostered in many different ways.

RUB provides vocational training

Professional training at RUBRuhr-Universität Bochum offers more than just degree programmes; it also provides vocational training in approx. 20 different professions. From zookeeper to IT specialist. With its comprehensive range, RUB is thus one of Bochum's largest organisations providing professional training.


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