Call for Papers:

We encourage you to submit a paper to the 3rd International Symposium on Underground Freight Transportation by Capsule Pipelines and other Tube/Tunnel Systems (ISUFT 2002).

Submissions of Abstracts:

All abstracts will be considered by the conference. They should be submitted in the following format:

-   The abstract should contain around 300 words.

-   Please type all text in 12 point Arial.

-   Name of the Author/s should be marked, with the presenting Authors name underlined.

-   Please note the full contact details (Address, Phone, Fax, Email).

Abstracts should be submitted by email, as an attached document in Microsoft Word format to .

It is essential that your abstract is received by the Conference Organizers by Thursday 15th November 2001.

Review criteria will include relevance, significance, accuracy and quality of presentation. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.