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After collecting information about the study program, you might wonder how you may apply.

On this website we will provide you with information about the application procedure and admission requirements.

Expected changes for the coming Application procedure: From the winter term 2017/18 applicants will admitted based on „Transcript of records“ (ToR). For enrollment present the bachelor testimonial. It is not necessary to do it before.

Admission requirements and placement

The masters course is designed for up to 20 students each year. The application deadline is July 15. and after this date no additional applications can be accepted due to system restrictions. However, completing the application procedure takes just a few minutes and you may still hand in needed documents afterwards. Please be aware that international students are required to hand in all of the required documents until the 15th of July. German or equivalent students (students from the EU) have time time to hand in their documents until the 1st of September.

Please notice that this master course starts only in the winter term.

Very important for admission: ....... §5 a) ..... a bachelor thesis or a written report about a three months lab project ..... b) knowledge of cell biology worth a minimum of 5 credit points in lectures and 12 credit points in practical exercises, as well as molecular - genetic knowledge worth a minimum of 5 credit points in lectures and 12 credit points in practical exercises, .......(Part of the Examination regulation)

From the winter term 2012/2013 the master program will be part of the automatic application system of the university (the link is in the right column).

For the winter term 2013/2014, applicants will be selected according to their GPA/NC.

If you are selected, you can directly print your approval notification from inside the system and use it to apply for visa or directly enroll. The document also provides you with additional information on what to do next.

Requirements regarding language proficiency and qualified degrees

Biology Biochemistry
Biotechnology Molecular Biology
Biomedicine Molecular Medicine
Human Medicine Veterinary Medicine
Dentistry and other specialized programs like tissue engineering

The list displayed above shows the study programs and degrees that are liable for our master program, as stated in the ''Prüfungsordnung''.

However, applicants from other backgrounds are also very welcome. Those with grades from areas not listed below will be evaluated by a qualified committee of teaching staff. At this point you might be requested to hand in additional documents to demonstrate that you are suitable for the master program.

As another admission requirement we request that you send proof of your command of the english language, either by providing a TOEFL or IELTS certificate. We accept:

- TOEFL 550 (written), 215 (computer based), 79 (internet based)


- IELTS 6.0

We also might accept students without TOEFL or IELTS certificate. In this case you must provide proof of your language proficiency by other means (e.g. having completed an english-taught bachelor program). These documents will also be evaluated by the committee.

If you have cleared these steps you will take part in the final selection process that selects applicants according to their grade point average (GPA).

If you have any questions left, please ask us directly by e-mail or look into our Helpdesk section.

Online application system

The online application procedure will begin about 5 months before the term of interest will start.
The application for the summer term 2017 starts approximately in early December 2016.
The application period for the winter term 2017/18 will presumably start in early June 2017. click here

The Study Entrance

Find more about the Study course "Molecular and Developmental Stem Cell Biology" and get some help when starting the study course zum Studienportal / the study entrance


You can inform yourself about the status of your application. Infoportal-Zulassung / Admission