• 22.-25.02.17 International Studies Association (ISA) in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
          From February 22nd to 25th 2017, Prof. Bersick took part in the 58th annual convention of the International Studies Association (ISA) in Baltimore. This year's conference dealt with the topic of "Understanding Change in World Politics". Around 6.000 participants from all over the world presented their research findings in over 1.300 panels.
        • 09.02.2017 Consultation hour Professor Bersick during semester break
          Tuesday, February 14 1-2pm
          Wednesday, March 8 2-3pm
          Tuesday, March 21 1-2pm
        • 09.01.2017 Panel Discussion on “Integration in East Asia, Disintegration in Europe?” is taking place on 20 January 2017
          The Alliance for Research on East Asia (AREA) Ruhr has invited internationally leading experts to discuss European and Asian experiences and processes of regional (dis-) integration. The discussants are Carsten Germis (FAZ), Sebastian Bersick (Ruhr-University Bochum), Glenn Hook (University of Sheffield) and Werner Pascha (University of Duisburg-Essen).
          Please register for the event by January 15, 2017.
          Further details on the event and registration can be accessed here.
        • 16.12.2016 Vistiting Researcher WANG Shichen at the Department of International Political Economy of East Asia
          WANG Shichen stayed at the Department of International Political Economy of East Asia as a Visiting Researcher from 4 to 16 December 2016. Mr. Wang holds a BA in International Politics from Fudan University, China and a MA in European Studies from University College London, UK. Currently he is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium, where he is also a research associate at the Centre for East Asian Studies.
          He delivered two lectures on Chinese and the EU´s foreign policy decision-making.
        • 11.12.2016 Prof. Bersick at workshop on „EU-China Relations: A New Era of Cooperation?“ at Free University Berlin, Germany
          From 8 to 9 December 2016, professor Bersick took part in the joint workshop on „EU-China Relations: A New Era of Cooperation?“, taking place at Freie University Berlin in cooperation with the Confucius Institute Berlin and the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA). Prof. Bersick held a presentation on the topic of „ The EU and the International Political Economy of Eurasian Connectivity“(PPT).
        • 05.12.2016 Professor Bersick as reviewer at the department of economic and social sciences of the University Rostock, Germany
          From 1 to 3 December, professor Bersick participated in a cluster evaluation reviewing degree programs of the department of economic and social sciences at the University of Rostock.
        • 24.11.2016 Dr. Sarah Kirchberger is speaker at the 2016 Europe's Strategic Choices conference in Berlin, Germany
          Dr. Sarah Kirchberger is a speaker at the 2016 Europe's Strategic Choices conference jointly hosted by Chatham House and the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK) at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin from December 1st to 2nd. On Thursday, she will join the panel of the second plenary session, "Europe and China: Peril and Promise" chaired by Kerry Brown, alongside Linda Yueh and Sir Sebastian Wood.
          The conference program can be accessed here.
          Additional information can be found here.
        • 24.11.2016 Working Group of Socio-Scientific China Studies of the German Association for Asian Studies gathering at Ruhr Universität Bochum
          From 25. to 26. November, this year’s annual workshop of the Socio-Scientific China Studies Working Group (ASC) of the German Association for Asian Studies (DGA) will take place at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Find more information here.
        • 19.11.2016 Maritime Challenges in the Asia Pacific: Moving Towards Political, Environmental, and Functional Cooperation”: The Department of International Political Economy of East Asia co-organizes international conference on maritime security in East Asia, in Manila, the Philippines
          Over 200 Philippine and foreign representatives from the academia, diplomacy, business, politics and media participated in the conference on the 18th November. In three panels, the current developments in the South China Sea were analyzed and discussed from legal, ecological, geo-political as well as geo-economic perspectives (Link). Prof. Bersick held a presentation on “Practical Cooperation in Disputed Waters” (PPT.)
          Since 2015, the annual conference series, deals with questions regarding the interplay of economics and security issues in maritime East Asia. The conference series addresses questions of national and regional governance. This year´s conference was hosted in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, the AIM Rizalino S. Navarro Policy Center for Competitiveness as well as the Foreign Service Institute of the Philippines.
          Additional information as well as photos of the conference can be accessed here.
          Manila Conference
          Manila Conference
          Manila Conference

        • 08.11.2016 Prof. Bersick paticipates in NNC Conference 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark
          At the recent conference of the Nordic NIAS Council (NNC) from 7.-9.11.2016 under the title „Nordic Asian Studies in the 21st Century - Stocktaking for the Future, Prof. Bersick made a presentation on the topic of „The Struggle for Order in East Asia: Normative-institutional Change in East Asia and its Sources“ in the course of the Fudan Roundtable.
          Find Prof. Bersick´s presentation here.
          NCC Conference

        • 26.10.2016 Article published on Friends of Europe Website
          Prof. Bersick´s article “China, Europe, and the Political Economy of Eurasian Connectivity” has been published online by the Friends of Europe.
          Read the article here.
        • 29.08.2016 Dr. Ulrike Solmecke at the Degrowth Conference in Budapest and the International Sustainability Transition Conference in Wuppertal
          At the Degrowth Conference from 30.08.-03.09. in Budapest, Dr. Solmecke is going to present her working paper on post growth potentials in East Asia entitled “The luxury of not having to grow”.
          Later on she is going to showcase the insights of her paper on China´s role between climate protection and economic growth with the title “China's role in global transition processes - a role theoretical approach” at the International Sustainability Transititon Conference taking place from 06.-09.09. in Wuppertal.
        • 25.-29.07.2016 RUB-Delegation on the „YICGG“ Conference in Shanghai, China
          From 25 to 29 July 2016, Prof. Bersick, Lena Hufnagel and Johanna Rust attended the international YICGG (Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance) Conference in Shanghai. More than 70 participants from over 28 countries worked out ideas and concepts on the general subject of „Sustainable Development Goals“, focusing on the eradication of poverty. The RUB-Team proudly received the certificate of „The Most Valuable Project“. The project was worked out with other participants at the YICGG. Through the Y20 Summit in Shanghai and its connection to this year´s G20 Summit, to be held in China, the YICGG Conference got a particular significance. Among the speakers were Paulo Nogueira Batista (New Development Bank), Tim de Meyer (International Labour Organization) and Richard Boucher (former Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD).
          RUB-Team Presentation
          RUB-Delegation auf der YICGG 2016

        • 09.07.2016 China, Europe, and the Political Economy of Eurasian Connectivity
          Prof. Bersick’s contribution on “China, Europe, and the Political Economy of Eurasian Connectivity” published in the Friends of Europe Policy Paper “EU-China: New Directions, New Priorities” ahead of the 18th EU-China Summit on July 12-13 in Beijing. The publication consists out of views and comments from Friends of Europe’s network of Chinese and European scholars, think tankers and business leaders.
          Friends of Europe Discussion Paper
        • 07.07.2016 Guest Lecture by Prof. Khani on "Regional Integration in the Middle East: The East Asian Factor"
          Following an invitation by the chairs of International Political Economy of East Asia (IPEA) and Politics of East Asia (POA), Dr. Mohammad Hassan Khani, professor at Imam Sadiq University in Tehran, is going to give a guest lecture on "Regional Integration in the Middle East: The East Asian Factor".
          When: Thursday, 14 July 2016, 12am-1pm.
          Where: AKAFÖ 2/06 (Besprechungsraum).
          See the Flyer
          Presentation of Prof. Khani
        • 04.-06.07.2016 Prof. Bersick as speaker at the 11th Asia-Europe People’s Forum in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
          Prof. Bersick attended the Asia-Europe People´s Forum (AEPF) which held its 11th People´s Forum on 4-6 July 2016 on the topic of “Building New Solidarities: Working for Inclusive, Just and Equal Alternatives in Asia and Europe“. AEPF is an interregional network of civil society organizations across Asia and Europe linking Asian and European NGOs as well as social movements.
          Presentation for the 11th Asia-Europe People’s Forum
          Gastvortrag Prof. Park AEPF
          Gastvortrag Prof. Park AEPF
        • 22.06.2016 Taking part in the "Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance" (YICGG 2016)
          In the presence of Prof. Bersick, the two student assistants Ms. Hufnagel and Ms. Rust will be participating in this year's YICGG conference. Focussing on "Sustainable Development Goals" the event is held by the Fudan University in Shanghai, which is also actively engaged in current preparitions regarding the G20 summit 2016 in Hangzhou. For more information please visit:
        • 28.-29.04.2016 Diana Schnelle (M.A.) at the NAJS conference in Trondheim, Norway
          Along with Kamila Sczepanska, PhD (Politics of East Asia), Diana Schnelle presented a joint working paper, entitled "Japan's Perceptions of China's Role in the Region and the World: A View of PM Abe Shinzo's Administration(s)“ during this year´s conference of the Nordic Association for the Study of Contemporary Japanese Society (NAJS) in Trondheim. For further information, please visit:

        • 04.02.2016 Discussion on Current Security Issues in Northeast Asia in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
          Prof. Bersick held bilateral discussions with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and participated in a Round Table Talk with researchers of the Institute for Strategic Studies.
        • 03.02.2016 Prof. Bersick at ASEAM Workshop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
          On occasion of the 11th ASEM Summit in July this year marking the 20th anniversary of ASEM, Prof. Bersick led a workshop, organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, on the preparation of the Summit. Gankhuyag Damba, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, Ambassador Orgil Luvsantseren, ASEM Senior Official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia as well as representatives of the KAS department for European and International Cooperation took part in the workshop.
          Links to the interviews with Prof. Bersick:

        • 20.01.2016 “Classical Chinese and Greek Just War Traditions: a Comparative Analysis“, lecture by Dr. Chen Yudan (Fudan University, Shanghai)
          In the framework of the “Mittagsforum“ of the Faculty of East Asian Studies the lecture takes place from 12-1 pm in the AKAFÖ Building, room 2/06. Prof. Bersick will moderate the event. Interested participants are warmly welcome! The “Mittagsforum“ takes place during lunch break. Thus, eating and drinking during the presentation is allowed.
        • 19.01.2016 “How to Explain China’s Foreign Policy: Role Theory with Chinese Characteristics“, lecture by Dr. Chen Yudan (Fudan University, Shanghai)
          On 19th January, Dr. Chen Yudan gives a lecture on “How to Explain China’s Foreign Policy: Role Theory with Chinese Characteristics”. The lecture will take place from 4-6 pm (c.t.) in room GABF 04/409. Interested participants are warmly welcome!
        • 14.01.2016 Research Seminar Workshop: “China’s New Roles in Global Politics”
          In cooperation, the two departments of Politics in East Asia and International Political Economy of East Asia, invited experts from Fudan University (PR China), Lancaster University (UK), Free University Brussels (Belgium), University College Cork (Ireland), Ruhr-Universität Bochum as well as students of the M.A. research seminar „China’s International Roles“ to discuss China’s foreign policy from a role theoretical perspective.
        • 12.01.2016 Visiting researcher Dr. Chen Yudan, Fudan University, Shanghai
          In January 2016, Dr. Chen Yudan, Assistant Professor, School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA), Fudan University, Shanghai, stays with the department of International Political Economy of East Asia. as a visiting researcher. Besides role theory the research focus of Dr. Chen lies on the comparative history of international thought as well as culture in international relations.
        • 20.11.2015 Prof. Bersick at Maritime and Regional Security forum in Manila
          The AIM Rizalino S. Navarro Policy Center for Competitiveness (AIM RSN PCC) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) hosted a forum entitled Maritime and Regional Security in the Asia Pacific: Challenges and Prospects for Cooperation. Prof. Bersick gave a presentation on the economic and political dimension of maritime security in the Asia-Pacific region and highlighted the link between the economic and security aspects of maritime issues.
          Further information can be found at the homepage of the AIM at
        • 10.11.2015 Prof. Bersick at Friends of Europe conference “Asian Paradox”
          The Friends of Europe conference The Asian Paradox – Rising wealth, lingering tensions explored the paradox of the Asian region’s growing wealth and its simmering historical disputes, new rivalries, rising nationalism and the risk of an arms race. As featured speakers Prof. Bersick and other experts discussed issues ranging from trade and investment to political order and the development of an Asian security framework to the impact of Cross-Straits relations on regional security and integration.
          Further information and a podcast of the event is available at
        • 09.11.2015 Prof. Bersick at security conference in Brussels
          At the conference Security Relations between the European Union and China: From Convergence to Cooperation? organized by the EUSC Project, Prof. Bersick gave a presentation on Cyber Security and EU-China Relations which was one of the non-traditional security issues discussed at the conference. The participants presented the final outcomes of their research projects and had the opportunity to elaborate the evolution of EU-China security relations in a broader context.
        • 18.11.2015 Consultation hours (18.11.) of Prof. Bersick cancelled.
        • 30.10.2015 Prof. Bersick gives interview in online newspaper „The Local“
          The article “Canny China profits from UK-Germany rivalry“, published on 30 October in “The Local”, is available at
        • 21.-22.10.15 Prof. Bersick participates in Security Research Workshop in Shanghai
          At the Sino-Nordic Security Research Workshop in Shanghai, organized by the Fudan University and the University of Copenhagen, Prof. Bersick talked about the issue of China´s „new assertiveness“: the role of domestic sources and foreign expectations in China-EU trade disputes. The participants consisted of Chinese and North European experts from the research fields of Peace and Conflict Studies, International Relations as well as Politics in East Asia.
        • 09.-10.10.15 Dr. Solmecke participates in Ecological Economics conference in Oldenburg
          In Oldenburg Dr. Solmecke participated in a conference on the issue "Wege in die Postwachstumsökonomie", organized by the Association for Ecological Economics. Among the discussed topics were sustainability-related innovations, politics of sufficiency as well as pluralistic approaches in the political economy.
        • 01.-03.10.15 Prof. Bersick participates in Comparative Regionalism conference in Singapore
          At the conference „Comparative Regionalism: State of the Art and Future Directions“, Prof. Bersick together with experts from Europe, Asia and the US, discussed issues concerning Asia and Europe, Regional Institutions and Regional Governance as well as Comparative Regionalism. The conference was jointly organized by the National University of Singapore and the Free University of Berlin.
        • 20.10.2015 Consultation hours (20.10.) of Prof. Bersick cancelled.
        • 25.09.2015 Current internship opportunities at the GCC in Beijing - near-term!
          Beijing Chamber
          Environmental Services
          Partner Support Program
        • 17.-20.08.15 RUB delegation at the Expo 2015
          RUB-Delegation auf der Expo 2015
          In the presence of Prof. Bersick, three team members of the department of International Political Economy of East Asia take part in the „Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance“ within the framework of the Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. In the Chinese Pavilion the three student assistants present their project results on the issue of „Food Security Governance and the New Silk Road Initiative“.
          Paper of the RUB-Team
          Presentation of the Project
          Impressions from the YICGG and the Expo 2015
        • 23.07.2015 Consultation hours
          Tuesday, 04.08.2015, 14-15
          Tuesday, 11.08.2015, 14-15
          Wednesday, 02.09.2015, 14-15
          Tuesday, 08.09.2015, 14-15
          Wednesday, 14.10.2015, 14-15
        • 10.07.2015 East Asian Studies Slam
          Program and impressions from the East Asian Studies Slam (08.06.15) as part of the International Week (8.-12.6.15)
        • 08.07.2015 July, 8: Consultation hour of Prof. Bersick cancelled
          Please notice that Prof. Bersick’s consultation hour on July 8 will be cancelled because of the excursion to Wolfsburg.
        • 07.-08.07.2015 Task Force „ASEAN als Wachstumsmarkt“ presentations in Wolfsburg, 07.-08.07.15
          During an excursion to Wolfsburg, participants of the Task Force “ASEAN als Wachstumsmarkt“ will present their work results about economic and political realities within ASEAN as well as interregional relations with ASEAN to the management board of VW. The Task Force is a joint project of the departments Politics of East Asia and International Political Economy of East Asia.
          Task Force Wolfsburg
        • 26.06.2015 Guest Lecture of Prof. Sunghoon Park
          We are pleased to welcome Prof. Sunghoon Park from the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) of the Korea University on Friday, 26th June here at our Ruhr Universität. He will hold a lecture on the topic of “East Asian Regional Architecture and the Role of Korea” in the SSC 2/107 from 10 to 12 am.
          We thank Prof. Sunghoon Park for his interesting lecture. It was followed with great attention.
          Guest Lecture Prof. Park Photo 1
          Guest Lecture Prof. Park Photo 2
        • 25.06.2015 First international joint seminar on the “New Silk Road” and Sino-European Cooperation, 25.06.15
          Prof. Bersick participated in the first International Joint Seminar on the “New Silk Road” where social scientists and economists from China, headed by Guo Yezhou, Vice Minister of the International Department, Central Committee of the CPC, and Europe met at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) to discuss China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative.
          For further information see:[tt_news]=513&cHash=55ecb6e66e8d1fe3bf2f5f73d1e51f79
          Group photo of the 'New Silk Road' seminar
        • 01.06.2015 EU-China Security Conference in Brussels
          Prof. Bersick participated in a conference on EU-China Security Cooperation in Brussels, organized by the EUSC ( Together with other experts from Asia and Europe, Prof. Bersick presented and discussed findings of a 2-year research project on the security dimensions of the relationship between the EU and China, supported by the Lifelong Learning Project of the European Commission.
          In a separate meeting at the European External Action Service (EEAS) participants discussed their research findings with EU officials.
        • 30.04.2015 East Asian Studies Slam - Young Academics and Guest Researchers Present Their Projects
          On monday, den 08.06. young researcher and guest researcher of the Faculty of East Asian Studies will present their research projects in the course of the "Asia-Day"
          Time: 12:30am-2:30pm
          Place: International Lounge, first floor, Mensa Building.

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