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Summer School 2008


Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry

pix EU Early Stage Research Training INTCHEM
Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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Fully integrated into GSCB

INTCHEM fellows will be full members of the faculty-wide Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry and follow a curriculum similar to the 3-year "Research Course of Studies" for regular doctoral students at the Faculty of Chemistry. The curriculum is designed to complement the largely independent laboratory research work and includes:

  • Interdisciplinary lecture programme given by guest scientists
  • Literature and methology seminars
  • Colloquium "Modern aspects of chemistry and biochemistry"
  • Doctoral research seminars
  • Scientific communication
  • Research management
  • Subsidiary subject lecture

For EST fellows the regular curriulum has been specifically adapted to include a laboratory rotation at the start of the training as well as a designated colloquium"Non-Covalent Interactions in Chemistry and Biochemistry". The following specialised methods in the participating laboratories will be subject of the training programme:

  • Advanced NMR spectroscopy (2D and 3D methods)
  • Advanced microscopic techniques (AFM, scanning electrochemical microscopy etc.)
  • Advanced mass spectroscopy (MALDI, ESI etc.)
  • Modern methods of conventional and solid phase synthesis (DNA- and peptide-synthesizers, robotic systems for screening compound libraries)
  • Time-resolved, high-resolution, and low temperature spectroscopy (Laser flash photolysis, tunable laser spectroscopy, step scan FTIR spectroscopy, matrix isolation spectroscopy)
  • Electroanalytical methods

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