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Scope of the iMOS Program

The Molecular Sciences program is a research-oriented, interdisciplinary and multicultural program held in English. The program focuses on the molecular understanding of chemical and biochemical processes. Topics are from the traditional disciplines of chemistry and physics with a focus on modern laser spectroscopy and microscopy, computer simulation, and quantum chemistry.

The goal of this program is to give you experience in both cutting-edge science and modern techniques at an early stage of your career. You will learn how to develop and solve scientific questions by employing suitable theoretical and experimental methods and how to work effectively in international, multicultural and interdisciplinary teams.

During this program, you will gain hands-on experience in experimental and theoretical methods and participate in high profile research projects. The program offers you a research internship in one of the globally leading institutions in the area of "Molecular Sciences". This three-month international course will take place in one of the partner institutions. The Molecular Sciences Master's program also includes a six-week focal point practical in a participating research group of your choice.

Some of the questions that you might address during your research projects include "How can laser-spectroscopic and microscopic methods optimally contribute to the in-depth understanding of chemical reactions and biological processes?" or "Does water, as the “matrix of life”, play an active role in protein folding or in enzymatic reactions (e.g. relevant for the causes of Alzheimer’s disease)?"

Bachelor graduates from the subjects of chemistry, physics, biochemistry, mathematics, and related engineering fields are welcome to this international Master´s Program. If you are keen on performing interdisciplinary research in the areas of (bio)chemistry, physics, applied mathematics, and have a sound knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, physics, this program is suitable for you. Throughout the program, you will gain a deepening molecular understanding of (bio)chemical and (bio)physical processes, with a focus on simulation and spectroscopy techniques. You will acquire competence in problem-solving and in the methodical application of expert knowledge in an interdisciplinary context.

Following the Master's degree, you can either pursue a 3- or 4-year doctorate, or move on to a career in industry. The areas of optical and information technologies (e.g. lasers, microscopy, data mining, medical applications) are particularly attractive for iMOS graduates. Students of today are the top researchers and industry leaders of tomorrow.

Incorporation of iMOS into the international education strategy of RUB

The iMOS program is one of eight Master's Programs supported by Ruhr-University Bochum's Master 2.0 Program. Master 2.0 is the Ruhr-University's quality seal for Master's degrees that optimally prepare their students for a career in science. Master 2.0 students work in interdisciplinary teams of scientists, right at the forefront of research.

The iMOS Master's program fulfills all requirements needed to obtain the quality seal "Master 2.0" as it is research-oriented, interdisciplinary and international.

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iMOS Blog

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