Program Requirements
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Program Requirements

The iMOS program offers fifteen modules. The modules are summarized in the curriculum. Candidates for the MSc degree in iMOS program are expected to have completed at least 120 credit points (CP) with a grade of adequate (4) or better. Creditable teaching methods are lectures (dubbed L in the curriculum), exercises (E), seminars(S) and research practices (Pr).

Admission to Modules 11 (“International Course”) and 12 (“Focal Point Practical”) requires proof of at least 46 CP obtained in courses attributed to the first and second semester.
Precondition for the assignment of master thesis topic is the proof of 14 CP related to the Module 11 (“International Course”) and 15 CP related to Module 12 (“Focal Point Practical”). The minimum working time required to complete the master thesis is minimum 5 months and maximum 6 months. Master examination is passed in proving the 120 CP.

Examination Regulation

Detailed information can be found in the examination regulations for Master of Science (MSc) in Molecular Sciences and Simulation: