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Learning German


The University Language Centre (ZFA) offers classes to learn German. Enrolment / placement test for all courses takes place at the beginning of each semester. If you wish to enrol, please contact the department of "German as a Foreign Language". Further information and a detailed description of the courses and entry requirements can be found on their website.

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RUBiss - RUB international student service

The International Office of the RUB offers several possibilities to get in contact with the German language, e.g. excursions, presentations and discussions, celebrations, international evenings.

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Tandem.MINT - The Tandem Language Learning Programme

Tandem.MINT allows international Natural Sciences or Engineering students to improve their German language skills in interaction with a native speaker – in return, you support your tandem partner in learning your native language. This is an effective way of learning the language and gradually overcoming inhibitions to use German in everyday life and academic contexts. As your tandem partner studies in the same field, you may discuss subject-specific matters, connect to typical academic situations, and acquire technical terminology.
Tandem.MINT starts in summer semester 2018 as a pilot-project.


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Tandem Learning

Find a tandem partner for language learning. Learn German from a partner and teach them your mother language.

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