2nd IGSN conference on Mechanisms of Cognition, Learning and Memory

9th and 10th of March 2010, Veranstaltungszentrum, Ruhr-University Bochum

Since 2006, the International Graduate School of Neuroscience (IGSN), together with the Jülich Research Centre and the Clinic of Epileptology of the University of Bonn, have been training 13 young neuroscientists from all over the world, as a part of the 'NovoBrain' programme.

In March of this year, ten of these aspiring NovoBrain fellows came together to host and organize the 2nd IGSN conference on mechanisms of cognition, learning and memory.

Fifteen internationally renowned scientists, such as Howard Eichenbaum from Boston and Peter Strick from Philadelphia, attended the conference where, split into eight workgroups, they presented their latest findings on learning and memory as well as cognitive research. The students also had the possibility to converse with the guest speakers and to present their own research.

About 150 students and guests attended the lectures, which provided an interesting insight into the current state of research in this area of neurology. Additionally the conference offered the IGSN students the opportunity to meet and swap ideas with some of the most renowned and influential people in this field.

The junior scientists from the NovoBrain programme hosted the event extremely competently and themselves held small talks on each of the eight parts of the conference.

On the evening of the first conference day, Josine Verhaal, a NovoBrain student in the faculty of psychology, organized a "Salsa evening" for our guests and students in a Latin American style bar in Bochum. A dancing teacher was hired to teach the students the basic salsa steps and Nicky Clayton, who is a well known Tango dancer (beside being a well known psychologist) danced the night away with our students and other guests. Thank you Josine, for organizing this wonderful event!

We would like to thank all participants for once again helping to make this conference such a stimulating and interesting occasion.

Click here for some photos of the event