Graduation Day 2011

On December 9th, 2011, the IGSN celebrated its Graduation Day where this year's graduates were honoured by a degree conferring ceremony. This highlight of the IGSN calendar marked the end of a successful 10th anniversary year. Prior to this formal event the winners of the IGSN annual schools' competition were awarded their prizes.

The day began with the annual meeting of our Advisory Board. The chairman of the Advisory Board Dr. Paul Rheinländer (Eickhoff GmbH) and members Christopher Onkelbach (WAZ), Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue (Primate Center Göttingen), Dr. Klaus-Dieter Bremm (Bayer AG), Prof Dr Oliver T. Wolf (Vice-Dean Psychology) and Prof Dr Wolfgang Schuhmann (Viece Dean Chemistry) were present to learn about the development of the IGSN during the past year. The meeting was followed by scientific presentations from five of our current students, Valentina Wischolleck, Svenja Pachernegg, Sascha Helduser, Torsten Neher and Eva Hennen on the subject of their PhD projects. The morning session was rounded off with poster presentations before everybody adjourned for lunch.

In the afternoon pupils from the "Forscher-AG" from the Theodor-Körner school and their teachers and families made their way into the "Veranstaltungszentrum" where they were awarded the IGSN prize for the winning entry in our annual schools' competition "Brain Movie". In the presence of our gown-wearing graduates and faculty members they listened to Prof. Manahan-Vaughan's laudatio, after which the rector of the Ruhr-University awarded the prizes to the pupils. Attending members and students of the IGSN were very impressed by the technical and the aesthetical level of the prize winning movie "Tatort Gehirn".

The next highlight of the afternoon was the degree-conferring ceremony for this year's PhD graduates. Following fascinating laudations from their supervisors, our speaker Prof. Dr. Jörg T. Epplen together with the Rector of the Ruhr-University Prof. Dr. Elmar Weiler awarded our graduates their PhDs in Neuroscience.

The day was brought to a very pleasant close in "Kleinstadt", where everybody was able to eat and drink their fill amid agreeable company.

Many thanks to all those who made this day so lively and such a wonderful success!

Click here for some photos of the event

Click here to watch "Tatort Gehirn", the winner of the IGSN's movie competition