Baby Maja

We'd like to extend our congratulations to Marek and Agnieszka, who are the proud parents of baby Maja.
Maja was born on the 5th of February at 08:06 am and both mother and baby are doing very well.
Marek on the other hand is convinced that a conspiracy is afoot.

He told us:
Maja's date of birth was 05.02.07 - 5+2+7=14
Her time of birth was 08:06 - 8+6=14.
We were accepted to Augusta Hospital and sent to room 14!
Both me and Agnieszka went to High Schools Nr. 14 (XIV)...
in different cities! Warsaw and Wroclaw.
The last 5 digits of my cell phone are 16384 (16384 = 2^14).

Coincidence? You work it out.

And now, here are some photos ...