Graduation Day 2014

This year, on December 5th, the IGSN celebrated its 11th Graduation Day. The day started with the newly-formed Advisory Board holding its meeting at 09:00. This was followed by a welcoming speech by our speaker, Prof Michael Hollmann, then the presentations of our PhD students: Ms Anja Ehrkamp, Mr Lars Roll, Ms Shira Meir Drexler, Mr Selver Demic and Ms Christina Strauch. You all did a marvelous job! Thank you!

The morning was topped off by the poster presentations and talks of our students, something which impressed advisory board members Dr Klaus-Dieter Bremm (Bayer Health Care) and Dr Anne Lesage (GrayMatters), who went on to discuss our students' scientific findings with them.

In the afternoon 50 school children from Bochum's elementary schools crowded the conference centre together with their teachers and parents. The rector of the Ruhr University, Prof Elmar Weiler, awarded the prizes for this year's painting competition to the lucky winners, most of whom were in awe at his golden chain.

But the highlight was once again the Doctoral awards ceremony, whereby ten of our graduates received their PhDs. Their supervisors held interesting and funny laudatios and the rector, the speaker Prof Hollmann and the director of the IGSN, Prof Denise Manahan-Vaughan, awarded the PhD certificates to the graduates.

The day ended with our legendary dinner at the "Cigo's" restaurant, where we brought the day to a wonderful conclusion!

Photos of the event

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A large screen displaying the IGSN logo

The day starts ...

A pair of hands resting on a copy of the IGSN anual report

... with the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of the IGSN

Professor Michael Hollmann standing at the podium

The speaker of the IGSN, Prof Michael Hollmann, welcomes faculty members, students and guests

From left to right: Selver Demic, Christina Strauch, Anja Ehrkamp, Lars Roll, Shira Meir Drexler

Five students who represented their research area in talks, From left to right: Selver Demic, Christina Strauch, Anja Ehrkamp, Lars Roll, Shira Meir Drexler

Two people discussing a poster

Discussions at the posters

Various people discussing posters

Dr Anne Lesage, Advisory Board member from Belgium

Two people discussing a poster
Two people discussing a poster
Various people discussing posters
Three men standing at a small table discussing something
A man gesturing with his hands as he explainssomething
Lots of sparkling wine glasses

The celebrations begin

Tanja Novcovic placing a motarboard on her head

Preparing for the big moment

A graduate with glasses wearing a motarboard looking directly into the camera
A graduate placing a motarboard on his head with a slight smile on his face

This hat fits me?

Three graduate in motarboards and gown looking at the camera and smiling
Two graduate in motarboards and gown, standing slightly apart from eachother, looking at the camera and smiling
A lot of children aiting to enter the conference centre

The winning classes from Bochum's elementary schools flood the conference centre.

A group photo of Friederikaschule class 3a sitting and standing in the conference centre, having just received their prize

2nd prize winner class competition: Friederikaschule 3a

A group photo of Michael-Ende-Schule class 4b sitting and standing in the conference centre, having just received their prize

1st prize winner class competition: Michael-Ende-Schule 4b

The rector presenting Ina Hayen with her prize whilst Professor Manahan-Vaughan looks on

3rd prize winner single competition: Ina Hayen

Professor Manahan-Vaughan presenting Niklas Loer with his prize whilst the rector looks on

2nd prize winner single competition: Niklas Loer

Professor Manahan-Vaughan, Lars Scheibner and the rector looking at the camera and smiling

1st prize winner single competition: Lars Scheibner

Tanja Novcovic receiving her PhD certificate from the rector. They are shaking hands.

The graduation ceremony starts with Tanja Novcovic. The rector of the Ruhr University, Prof Elmar Weiler confers the PhD certificates

Professor Michael Hollmann, Professor Manahan-Vaughan, two male graduates in gowns and the rector. All are looking at the camera
A group shot of all of the graduate throwing their motarboards into the air.

It's done!