Prof. Dr. Helmut E. Meyer, Director Medical Proteom-Center (MPC), Faculty of Medicine, Ruhr-University Bochum

Helmut E. Meyer

Research Programme:

The MPC is a key player in developing of proteomics technologies and approaches. The research focus is on the protein analytical study of biological systems with the help of multidimensional separation methods and the biological mass spectrometry (MS).

Especially by using innovative strategies of quantitative protein analysis, new insights in the development of diseases will be gained as well as detailed information about localization, function and interaction of proteins. The MPC can offer an excellent infrastructure with all necessary state-of-the-art technologies (2D gel electrophoresis, DIGE, multidimensional/nanoHPLC, ESI-ITMS, MALDI-TOF/TOF, ESI/MALDI-QTOF etc.) and an excellent bioinformatics structures.

This resulted in numerous national and international cooperations and research projects the MPC is actively involved in, namely e.g. the Zentrum fuer Angewandte Proteomik (ZAP) within the TechnologieZentrumDortmund. Moreover, the MPC is responsible for the coordination of the Brain Proteome Initiatives within the NGFN2 (HBPP2) as well as within the international Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO BPP) and is leading or contributing to several EU funded consortiums as e.g. Proteomics Data Collection (ProDaC).