Alumni 2012

  • Akintürk, Serra
    BSc Biology
    PhD Project: Interaction of the neuronal gap junction protein connexin 36 with alpha calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II
  • Alev, Cantas
    Diploma Biochemistry
    PhD Project: Identification of novel interaction partners of the neuronal gap junction protein connexin 36
  • Buschler, Arne
    Diploma Biology
    PhD Project: Characterization of hippocampal synaptic plasticity in freely behaving mice and its modulation by environmental enrichment
  • Gatica, Mario
    Medical Doctor
    PhD Project: The role of stimulus timing parameters in passively induced plasticity of the human somatosensory system
  • Goh, Jeremy
    BSc Life Science
    PhD Project: Characterization of the effects of novel object-space information on synaptic plasticity in the hippocampal CA1 sub-region of freely behaving mice
  • Hartwig (née Aust), Silvia
    MSc Biochemistry
    PhD Project: Ebony and Tan contribute with specific enzyme kinetics to histamine recycling in the Drosophila eye
  • Helduser, Sascha
    MSc Biology
    PhD Project: The neural substrates of sequence execution in the avian brain
  • Kenney, Jana
    Medical Doctor
    PhD Project: Investigation of synaptic plasticity expressed along the dorsoventral axis of the hippocampus in vivo
  • Quesada, Andrea
    MSc Psychology
    PhD Project: Negative effects of stress in children
  • Wichert, Sonja
    MSc Neuro- and Rehabilitation Psychology
    PhD Project: Boundary conditions on memory reconsolidation in human episodic memory
  • Wiescholleck, Valentina
    MSc Neuroscience
    PhD Project: Long-term consequences of a single MD801-induced psychotic event
  • Yang, Honghong
    MSc Marine Biology
    PhD Project: Investigation of acute and chronic effects of amyloid beta on the rodent hippocampus