Alumni 2010

  • Aksoy Aksel, Ayla
    MA Biomedical Engineering
    PhD Project: Comparison of evoked synaptic responses and synaptic plasticity at Schaffer collateral-CA1 and perforant path-CA1 synapses in freely behaving adult rats
  • Gottfried, Sebastian
    MSc Biochemistry
    PhD Project: Recovery of adult hippocampal neurogenesis and short-term memory in synras mice by knock-out of the transcriptional co-regulator TIS21
  • Hippe, Sven
    MSc Biochemistry
    PhD Project: Consequences to morphology of primary neurons as an effect of Nictric Oxide on plasma membrane fluidity
  • Imbrosci, Barbara
    MSc Medical Biotechnology
    PhD Project: Functional alterations of glutamatergic and gabaergic neurotransmission in the cortical networks surrounding a focal laser lesion in rat visual cortex
  • Markounikau, Valentin
    MSc Physics
    PhD Project: A dynamic field model of mesoscopic cortical activity captured by voltage-sensitive dye imaging
  • Mikulić, Areh
    MSc Neuroscience, MSc Electrical Engineering
    PhD Project: Primate superior colliculus neurons active in a goal-directed arm movement task involving hand-target contact and external task perturbation
  • Olk, Stephan
    MA Biochemistry
    PhD Project: The influence of connexin43 on the proteome of cultured mouse astrocytes
  • Reyes-Puerta, Vicente
    Dipl Computer Science
    PhD Project: Responses of collicular fixation neurons in double-step saccade experiments
  • Schmidt, Saskia
    MSc Biochemistry
    PhD Project: Glial cell contribution to Parkinson's disease
  • Sumara, Olga
    MSc Biology
    PhD Project: Retinal lesion induced plasticity in the adult rat early visual pathway: an immunohistochemical study
  • Taherzadeh-Fard, Elaheh
    MSc Human Genetics
    PhD Project: Modifier Genes in Huntington Disease
  • Timpert, Mathias
    MSc Biochemistry
    PhD Project: A fret-based approach for studying desensitization of G protein-activated K^+ (GIRK) channels
  • Verhaal, Josine
    MSc Biology
    The Netherlands
    PhD Project: Lateralized effects of learning in the avian brain: the influence of top-down modulation
  • Wang, Ling
    MSc Psychology
    PhD Project: The effects of noradrenergic stimulation on the motor system in healthy subjects and stroke patients with motor deficits
  • Weiler, Julia
    Dipl. Biology
    PhD Project: Mental time travel – differences between episodic memory and episodic future thinking