Subject-specific language support

DSSZMercator Institut

“Wife, wench, lady, … – isn’t that all the same? Or maybe not?” The conceptualisation of learning tasks in order to enhance pupils’ usage of historical terminology.

Since April 2014, the department of history didactics has been offering a learning and teaching project for subject-specific language support. The project is supported by the Mercator Institut für Sprachförderung and German as a second language and is now firmly anchored in the project network “Miteinander – Stärkung fachspezifischer Sprachförderung in Theorie und Praxis“. Usually, only pupils with higher results use subject-specific terminology adequately (language in sources and the present). The learning and teaching project reacts to this situation and focuses on pupils’ terminology competencies as subject-specific language support. These competencies are enhanced with the help of learning tasks that are conceptualised and applied by students. Students enhance their diagnostic competencies, since they identify the individual educative needs of pupils. Conceptualising specific learning tasks also enhances their competencies in the field of individual support. Considering respective learning phases also enhances their competencies in the field of conceptualising tasks and lessons.

Contact: Kathrin Klausmeier, research fellow, Faculty of Historical Science

Cooperation Partner: Martin-Luther-King Gesamtschule Dortmund; Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lena Heine (Seminar for Sprachlehrforschung, Faculty of Philology, Ruhr-University Bochum)