Svenja Bender (since 01.03.2016)
GA 5/132
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Opening hours

Iin winter 2017/18

  • Tu. 10-12 h
  • Th. 10-12 h


Directory of historical textbooks

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Textbook Collection

The History Department’s textbook collection (GA 5/132) covers about 2000 volumes reaching from 1816 until today and it mainly contains history textbooks for school education. The collection is complemented by source books and teacher guidelines as well as official directives. 

An almost complete selection of relevant US-American, British, Australian and Indian as well as South African and New Zealand history textbooks from the field of modern and contemporary history will be provided soon. All volumes can be borrowed for two weeks in GA 5/132. Valid student ID is necessary.

Link collection of German history curricula