Public History

The working area Public History investigates history mediating products in public, non-university and extracurricular space, where classical institutions such as museums or archives are examined, as well as further elements of public history such as history movies, series, audio books, computer games and social media.
The subjects of pubic history thereby emerge from public interest.
Regarding the establishment of this research area, it is the main concern to emphasize the points of interface of public history as history mediation in public space to history subject studies, history theory and didactics, as well as to promote the mutual interconnections.

Furthermore, the establishment of a new consecutive branch of study Master of Public History is planned from the fall semester 2017/2018 on. In this branch of study history subjects and didactics are combined with applied and for public history relevant conducts.  During the Master of Public History all three historic eras are covered, whereas the focus is on contemporary historically cultural aspects. In addition to the courses, students will be able to collect first professional experiences working in history mediating public institutions of the Ruhr Region within the frame of internships.

Public History Congresses


During the spring semester 2015 a series of contributions regarding public history took place within the frame of the scientific colloquium of history didactics. You can find the program of the colloquium here.

Book recommendation

  • Living History als Gegenstand Historischen Lernens
    Begriffe - Problemfelder - Materialien

    by Miriam Sénécheau/Stefanie Samida
    ISBN 978-3-17-022438-4

    Further Information: Publishing company homepage (only available in German)
    Author interview (only available in German).