Recent Research Projects

Sprachsensibler Geschichtsunterricht

Projekttitel: Sprachsensibler Geschichtsunterricht

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Conceptualisation of a Large-Scale Test for the Examination of Historical Competencies of 15-year-old Pupils

Historical Thinking-Competencies in History (HITCH), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Associate partner: Dr. Nicola Brauch (History Didactics, Ruhr-University Bochum)
Project manager: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Trautwein (Empirical Educational Research, Tübingen University)
Cooperation partners: Prof. Dr. Andreas Körber und Prof. Dr. em. Bodo von Borries (Hamburg University), Prof. Dr. Waltraud Schreiber (Eichstätt University)
Further associate partners: Prof. Dr. Béatrice Ziegler (PH Aarau/CH) and PD Dr. Christoph Kühlberger (PH Salzburg/A)

Past Research Projects

Shaping and recording historical-didactical competencies of future history teachers before practice

Project title: SOSCIE Future Social Sciences Teacher´s  Competencies. Shaping and recording historical-didactical competencies of future history teachers before practice
Federal Ministry of Education and Research Project, funding line Kompetenzen im Hochschulsektor“ (KoKoHs)

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Nicola Brauch (History Didactics, Ruhr University Bochum)

Cooperation partner: Prof. Dr. Matthias Nückles (Empirical Educational Research)

Associate Partner: Dr. Albert Logtenberg (Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching, Netherlands)
SOCIE aims at shaping and recording these competencies in history didactics that future history teachers should have obtained after completing their academic studies (cf. KMK Standards 2008/2013). These competencies are shaped theoretically in Wissen über Aufgaben in Geschichte (cf. Kunter et al. 2008 and Blömeke 2013). Following Shulman (1987) they are conceptualised as cognitive competency model in order to measure students’ professional knowledge in the fields of a) content knowledge (ck), b) pedagogical content knowledge (pck) and c) pedagogical knowledge (pk). These are independent variables being part of the broader process of shaping of individual pck competencies.


Shaping and Recording the Competencies of Teacher Training Students in the field of Historical Questioning

„Forschender Geschichtslehrer“ FOGEL
FOGEL. Forschende Geschichtslehrer/innen 
Project of history didactics, funded by PerLe (Projekt erfolgreiches Lehren und Lernen), Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, part of the funding initiative „Qualitätspakt Lehre“ by BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) (since winter term 2013/14)
Project manager: Prof. Dr. Andreas Bihrer (Medieval Studies)



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