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The executive committee of the Department of History

The executive committee is the central administrating body of the department. It consists of the professors and juniorprofessors and elected representatives of the lecturers, the students and the administrative staff. The executive committee discusses and decides on the general policy of the department and budgetary matters. Every two years the executive committee elects the chairperson of the department, who directs the sessions of the committee and advises the Dean.


The chair

Prof. Dr. Dieter ziegler
Ruhr-University of Bochum
GA hall, 4th, 5th and 6th floor
Geschäftszimmer GA 5/134
Tel +49 234 - 32 22536
Fax +49 234 - 32 14240

History of the Department

Wolfgang Helbich: 25 Jahre Geschichtswissenschaft in Bochum.   Brochure for the 'Deutsche Historikertag' at Bochum in 1990 (in German)

Lutz Budrass: Ein Lehrstuhl für die Geschichte der Zukunft,   in: Kwiatkowski, Iris; Oberweis, Michael (Hg.): Recht, Religion, Gesellschaft und Kultur im Wandel der Geschichte. Ferculum de cibis spiritualibus. Festschrift für Dieter Scheler, Hamburg 2008, S. 483 - 508.

For News and Events turn to the facebook page of the Department

For News and Events turn to the facebook page of the Department:

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