Research interests

Fascinated by the diversity of organisms and the interactions between them, I studied systematic botany, zoology and geology. Later in my studies I got introduced to plant parasitic basidiomycetous fungi. These organisms are excellent models to address various questions about organismic interactions, evolution and ecology.
For my diploma thesis I worked on aspects of population biology and host specificity of Microbotryum saponariae, a representative of the famous anther smuts of the Caryophyllaceae. In my PhD project I elucidated the infection process of Microbotryum spp. on host/non host plants using light- and electron microscopy.
Ongoing research is focusing on a better understanding of the evolutionary dynamics of smut fungi and their role in complex ecosystems.


Yurkov A, Schäfer AM, Begerow D (2011) Leucosporidium drummii sp. nov. a new microbotryomycete isolated from soil in Germany . International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, DOI: 10.1099/ijs.0.027102-0

Schäfer AM, Kemler M, Bauer R, Begerow D (2010) The illustrated life cycle of Microbotryum on the host plant Silene latifolia. Canadian Journal of Botany 88: 875-885, DOI:10.1139/B10-061

Yurkov AM, Schäfer AM, Begerow D (2009) Clavispora reshetovae. Fungal Planet 35. Persoonia 23: 182-183

Yurkov AM, Schäfer AM, Begerow D (2009) Barnettozyma vustinii. Fungal Planet 38. Persoonia 23: 188-189



Dr. Angela Schäfer
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Evolution and Biodiversity of Plants
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