Excursion 2010 Lake near Kivach (Russia) during students excursion.

Study and Courses

Research based teaching is a key element of university life. Our teaching comprises four parts, which are all essential for our research. The study of plant parasites is not possible with out thorough knowledge of the host plants, thus we are teaching a course in plant identification and several courses in field botany for beginners and advanced students. In addition to that, we are part of a basic module on biodiversity together with all members of the biodiversity section of our faculty. The third part of teaching are so called s-modules, which are actually individual lab courses directly linked to our research projects. The last and most advanced part is the supervision of bachelor, master, diploma and PhD theses. While the first two parts are given in German, the individual courses are given in English or German. For those students, who want to train their English skill, we started a seminar: Let’s read and discuss about evolution.


Let's read and discuss about evolution will start again in October. The newly established seminar on evolution combines two major goals: Improve your english skills and your knowledge on theoretical evolution. If you are interested, stay with us! We will give new information on the schedule at the end of June.