Research School

The campus-wide Graduate School professionally accompanies doctoral students from all fields through their dissertation project and prepares them for their upcoming career start. It has been supported with funds from the German federal and state government Excellence Initiative since 2006; it has been a permanent institution at RUB since 2012 and coordinates the Excellence Project Research School PLUS (RS PLUS, GSC 98) obtained in 2012.

The Research School offers various services to support and advise PhD students as well as postdocs, from project planning through to financing options. In interdisciplinary workshops and events, it offers a wide range of services for early career researchers. In this way, the doctoral students gain the tools to ensure that the doctorate progresses outstandingly and their career start is successful. What’s more, the early career researchers undertaking their doctorate are provided with professional support by the Research School.

The Research School focuses on personal advice, interdisciplinary dialogue and support of international research with the aim of ensuring high-quality training for early career researchers in all fields.