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Prof. Dr-Ing Andreas Ostendorf
Vice Rector for Research, Transfer and Early Career Researchers
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-27045
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Early Career Researchers

We have always put special emphasis on encouraging young researchers. During the master phase, students are already involved in research projects.

In future we aim to speed up the transition to doctoral studies for outstanding students interested in scientific careers. The RUB Research School (RUB-RS), offers a structured PhD with additional qualifications for a career in science. In future it is to be open to all doctoral students.

Postdocs do not stand in the shadow of experienced researchers at the RUB, but work independently as equals. The Ruhr-Universität was quick to back W1 professorships; more than sixty are already set up and more are in the pipeline.

Junior research groups enable young researchers to process their ideas in their own team and with the greatest possible autonomy. Innovative projects are intended to spur the research of young researchers, such as the Mercator Research Groups.

In order to hold on to Juniorprofessoren who have proved themselves in an outstanding way, with our tenure-track and career track programs we are able to offer them attractive career prospects.