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DFG Research Training Groups

Research Training Groups coordinated at RUB



Situierte Kognition (GRK 2185)
Förderung seit 2017
Prof. Dr Albert Newen
Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Research

Phänomene hoher Dimensionen in der Stochastik – Fluktuationen und Diskontinuität (GRK 2131)
Förderung seit 2015

Prof. Dr Peter Eichelsbacher
Faculty of Mathematics

Das Dokumentarische. Exzess und Entzug  (GRK 2132)
Förderung seit 2016

Prof. Dr Friedrich Balke
Faculty of Philology



Participation in Research Training Groups



Immune Response in Infectious Diseases – Regulation between Innate and Adaptive Immunity (RTG 1949)

Jun.-Prof. Dr Matthias Tenbusch
Faculty of Medicine


Good to know

Research Training Groups are institutions at RUB that devote themselves completely to the qualification of the next generation of academics. The aim is to intensively prepare the graduates for their research careers while also supporting their early academic independence. The Research Training Groups are funded for a maximum of nine years by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The programme is open to all fields, and an interdisciplinary orientation to the Research Training Groups is desired.