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DFG Research Units

Research units coordinated at RUB



FOR 1498: Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete Structures with Simultaneous Cyclic Loading and External Alkali Supply

Prof. Dr-Ing. Rolf Breitenbücher
Funding since 2012

FOR 1644: Marine Carbonate Archives: Controls On Carbonate Precipitation And Pathways Of Diagenetic Alteration (CHARON)

Prof. Dr Adrian Immenhauser
Funding since 2013

FOR 1806: The Forgotten Part of Carbon Cycling: Organic Matter Storage and Turnover in Subsoils (SUBSOM)

Prof. Dr Bernd Marschner
Funding since 2013

FOR 1905: Structure and Function of the Peroxisomal Translocon (PerTrans)

Prof. Dr Ralf Erdmann
Funding since 2013

FOR 2288: Journal Literature: Format Conditions, Visual Design, Reception Cultures

Prof. Dr Nicola Kaminski
Funding since 2016

FOR 2359: Charmonium Physics Experiments with the BES III Detector

Prof. Dr Ulrich Wiedner
Funding since 2015

FOR 2363: Evaluation of Building Design Variants in Early Phases on the Basis of Adaptive Detailing Strategies

Prof. Dr Markus König
Funding since 2016

FOR 2416: Space-Time Dynamics of Extreme Floods (SPATE)

Prof. Dr-Ing. Andreas H. Schumann
Funding since 2017

Participation in research units

Title/Coordinating university


FOR 1735: Structural Inference in Statistics: Adaptation and Efficiency
University of Hamburg, Humboldt University of Berlin

Prof. Dr Holger Dette
Funding since 2012

FOR 1766: High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys – From the Fundamentals to Application
University of Hanover

Prof. Dr-Ing. Gunter Eggeler
Prof. Dr Ralf Drautz
Funding since 2012

FOR 1867: Media and Mimesis
University of Weimar

Prof. Dr Friedrich Balke
Funding since 2014

FOR 1979: Exploring the Dynamical Landscape of Biomolecular Systems by Pressure Perturbation
TU Dortmund

Prof. Dr Martina Havenith-Newen
Prof. Dr Dominik Marx
Funding since 2013

FOR 2092: Biogenesis of Thylakoid Membranes: Spatiotemporal Organization of Photosynthetic Protein Complex Assembly
LMU Munich

Prof. Dr Danja Schünemann
Funding since 2014

FOR 2093: Memristive Devices for Neuronal Systems
University of Kiel

Prof. Dr-Ing. Thomas Mussenbrock
Funding since 2014

FOR 2305: The Discursivation of the New. Tradition and Renewal in Medieval and Pre-modern Texts
FU Berlin

Prof. Dr Valeska von Rosen
Prof. Dr David Nelting
Funding since 2016

FOR 2397: Multiskalen-Analyse komplexer Dreiphasensysteme
Clausthal University of Technology

Prof. Dr Wolfgang Schuhmann
Funding since 2016

FOR 2433: Switchable Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOF-Switches)
TU Dresden

Prof. Dr Rochus Schmid
Funding since 2016

FOR 2457: Acoustic Sensor Networks
Paderborn University

Priv.-Doz. Dr-Ing. Gerald Enzner
Funding since 2016

All of the projects funded by the DFG can be found in GEPRIS, the project database of the German Research Foundation.