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Funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

The BMBF funds various projects and networks dedicated to the research for innovative ideas and the latest technologies at university institutes at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.


Using steel mill gases sensibly

Steel mill gases created during steel production make a major contribution to the unpopular CO2 emissions. A new project involving researchers at RUB aims to help use them in a sensible way. The plan by the 17 partners in the project “Carbon-2-Chem” is to acquire valuable basic substances for the chemical industry from steel mill gases. This shall be achieved by adding hydrogen to catalytic processes. The necessary hydrogen will be produced by electrolysis, while the electricity for electrolysis comes from renewable energies.


Dynamics in the History of Religions

All religions that are currently referred to as world religions originated from the region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific. But many other religious traditions also arose in this extensive region. At Bochum's Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe”, academics from around the world conduct research on the driving forces behind the development and global expansion of religions.


The list of all funded projects at RUB can be viewed in the BMBF funding catalogue. This overview contains selected ongoing projects with total funding of over 500,000 euros. The links lead to the websites for the projects and to the responsible institutes.

  • Joint project ADAPTION
    Migration to a Cyber-Physical Production System
  • Joint project CO2EKAT
    Electrocatalyst systems for chemical energy storage using coupled water electrolysis and CO2 conversion
  • Joint project DigiRAB
    Sicheres Arbeiten auf der digitalisierten Baustelle
  • Joint project iTSELF
    Digital technologies for self-learning optimization of laser based additive manufacturing processes
  • Association PROTECT-AD
    AD in the Research Network for Mental Illnesses
  • GBOL
    German Barcode of Life - Inventory and genetic characterization of animals, plants and fungi in Germany
  • KoMPI
    Performance-Based, Digital Planning of Collaborative Assembly Systems and Integration in Variable Production Scenarios
  • KorWearMat
    Substitution of Cobalt in Wear- and Corrosion-Resistant Special Alloys
    New Noble Metal-Free Membrane Electrode Assemblies for the Fuel Cells of the Future
  • Joint project Care Glasses
    Care with Insight
  • Joint project SAMBA-PATI
    Smart Application of Magneticbased Particle Therapy and Imaging
  • Joint project VeriSec
    Computerunterstützte Erzeugung und Verifikation von Maskierungen in kryptographischen Implementierungen
  • Joint project WaterMiner
    Spatial-Temporal Adjusted Recirculation and Reutilization of Mining Impacted Waters, Exemplary for an Urban Affected Mining Area