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Friday 10:00 - 11:00 in NA 02/256

Research interests

Stochastic and Convex Geometry : Random Tesselation ; Polytope Approximation

Short CV

Since October 2016 : PostDoc, University of Bochum
2013-2016 : Ph.D. Student (advisor Prof. Dr. techn. Matthias Reitzner), University of Osnabrueck
2012-2013 : Master of Advanced Mathematics, University of Barcelona
2010-2012 : Teaching in secondary school and high school, Paris
2009-2010 : Agrégation de Mathématiques (French national competitive examination to be a teacher), preparation at the University of Bordeaux
2008-2009 : Master of Mathematics (2nd year), University of Bordeaux
2007-2008 : Master of Mathematics (1st year, Erasmus), University of Manchester
2004-2007 : Licence of Mathematics : University of Bordeaux


Monotonicity of facet numbers of random convex hulls, joint work with J. Grote, D. Temesvari, C. Thäle, N. Turchi and F. Wespi, arXiv:1703.02321

Small cells in a Poisson hyperplane tessellation, arXiv:1702.01964

Cells with many facets in a Poisson hyperplane tessellation, joint work with P. Calka and M. Reitzner, arXiv:1608.07979


Polytopal approximation of Elongated convex bodies, Advances in Geometry (accepted, 2016), arXiv:1612.04706 


Ph.D. Thesis

Poisson hyperplane tessellation: Asymptotic probabilities of the zero and typical cells, supervised by Prof. Dr. Matthias Reitzner



Since I started my postdoc in Bochum:
7. 23/11/2016, The zero cell of a Poisson hyperplane tessellation,
Research seminar of the Stochastic Geometry research group of Lille,
Lille, France

During my Ph.D. in Osnabrueck:
6. 02/03/2016, Cells With Many Facets in a Hyperplane Mosaic
12th German Probability and Statistics Days
Bochum, Germany
5. 18/02/2016, Cells With Many Facets in a Hyperplane Mosaic
Thiele-CSGB Seminar
Aarhus, Denmark
4. 19/11/2015, Cells With Many Facets in a Hyperplane Mosaic
Seminar of the University Littoral Cˆotes d’Opal
Calais, France
3. 28/08/2015, Cells With Many Facets in a Hyperplane Mosaic
Stochastic geometry days
Poitiers, France
2. 18/06/2015, Cells With Many Facets in a Hyperplane Mosaic
Summer-school on probability and mathematical physics VIII
1. 22/09/2014, Small cells in a random hyperplane mosaic
Workshop on Tensor Valuations in Stochastic Geometry and Imaging
Sandbjerg Estate, Denmark


3. 09/09/2015, Cells with Many Facets in a Random Hyperplane Mosaic
Geometry and Physics of Spatial Random Systems
Bad Herrenalb, Germany
2. 25/03/2015, Cells with Many Facets in a Random Hyperplane Mosaic, received the price "Best poster awards"
18th Workshop on Stochastic Geometry, Stereology and Image Analysis
Lingen, Germany
1. 19/03/2014, Shape and size of the cells in a random hyperplane mosaic
Winter school of the Graduate college of the university of Osnabrueck
Bad Beversen, Germany

Research stays at other research institutions:

During my Ph.D. in Osnabrueck:
5. 01-19/02/2016, Markus Kiderlen, Aarhus, Denmark
4. 16-20/11/2015, Nicolas Chenavier, Calais, France
3. 10-13/02/2015, Ilya Molchanov, Bern, Switzerland
2. 15-16/01/2015, Pierre Calka, Rouen, France
1. 15-16/12/2014, Christoph Thäle, Bochum, Germany


mail: gilles.bonnet "at" rub.de
phone number: 0234 - 32 - 21197
Postal address: Ruhr Universität Bochum, Universitätstr. 150, Fakultät für Mathematik, 44780 Bochum, NAFOF 02/256