MOP Manual

The MOP Manual

with U. Jürgens
Manuscript, School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Birmingham (2001).


This is the manual for the GAP share package MOP.

MOP is a joint program written entirely in the GAP language. It is based on the CHEVIE package. The source file containing the program and data is built up in a similar fashion as the files in GAP.

MOP is designed to compute upper bounds for the modality of the action of parabolic subgroups P on the Lie algebra of the unipotent radical of P, for simple algebraic groups G. MOP can be applied provided G has a simply laced Dynkin diagram.

This manual aims at a reader familiar with the mathematical aspects and the features of MOP as outlined in the mauscript MOP -- Algorithmic Modality Analysis for Parabolic Group Actions.

ps-file (20 pp.)